Supporting growth of our clients through an exclusive contract with one company in each industry

Our partner to the exclusive contract for the confectionary industry is the Kotobuki Spirits Group, a confectionary maker listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, operating 17 companies in Japan and 2 companies overseas. To support it, we at THAT'S ALL RIGHT have created a dedicated team. Sharing in a timely manner with the group fresh information from the management, sales force, planning team, and sales frontline, we work together using the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act). Helping the group from product development for new brands to the creation of POP tools in existing stores, we have established a relationship as its in-house creative agency, to boost growth of the Kotobuki Spirits Group.


As partners in a joint enterprise, we are
committed to achieving your vision

That's All Right has built a strong partnership beyond the relationship between a design company and a client beginning with the design of staff T-shirts to the renewal of the logo, designing personnel evaluation systems, and even launching a new business in hopes of supporting the owner's aspiration to popularize mutton in Japan.



Akariya Geihanro, a Japanese-style inn with the theme of light, offering only 10 rooms

Inuyama City in Aichi Prefecture is known for cormorant fishing on the Kiso River, the Inuyama Festival, and Inuyama Castle that is designated as a national treasure. In the city there is an inn open since 1919 called Geihanro. Recently it underwent total reconstruction and THAT'S ALL RIGHT worked on a rebranding project to revive the inn, which was once loved as the regular accommodation for writers and artists, 100 years after its foundation. We spent more than a year to work on the entire branding process, producing from concept to artwork.



THE KURUMANIA, specialty souvenir from the Toyota Group, launched without brand development cost

Upon the launch in March 2016, THE KURUMANIA Maple Cookie instantly became a specialty souvenir from the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. This brand was realized by combining different ideas and the enthusiasm of three companies – Toyota Enterprise, Kotobuki Confectionary, and THAT'S ALL RIGHT. The mission of THAT'S ALL RIGHT was to bridge the three parties and to develop the brand.



Experimental promotion that only an in-house product can do

“OPPAI NOTE” was launched as the notebook that the most ideas in the world are born from. A 50-page notebook in the irregular B5 paper size costs 1,000 yen (before tax). The notebook includes images of breasts of 25 Japanese women in their 20s and 30s. It was the first in-house product and the first experimental promotion for THAT'S ALL RIGHT. Because it was our own product not a client’s work, we were able to try unique planning, expression, pricing and conducting tests in sales methods and logistics management. As a result, we sold out 10,000 copies in two years.