Experimental promotion that only an in-house product can do

“OPPAI NOTE” was launched as the notebook that the most ideas in the world are born from. A 50-page notebook in the irregular B5 paper size costs 1,000 yen (before tax). The notebook includes images of breasts of 25 Japanese women in their 20s and 30s. It was the first in-house product and the first experimental promotion for THAT'S ALL RIGHT. Because it was our own product not a client’s work, we were able to try unique planning, expression, pricing and conducting tests in sales methods and logistics management. As a result, we sold out 10,000 copies in two years.

Original Product

Let’s try to believe “If we make a good product, it will sell well”

The project to imprint images of breasts into a notebook was based on an idea that came up from casual, everyday conversation. Breasts are the symbol of motherhood and liked by everyone. It would be interesting to write letters freely on something sacred and inviolable in a sense. A concept for the OPPAI NOTE was already formed in the planning stage. As long as it is a notebook, the major premise was that it should have functions as a notebook. To print out the breasts beautifully, the paper should reflect a bright color. Other features of the paper we pursued were a quality which can be easily written on, and a thickness which allows the pages to be easily turned. For users to enjoy it as art, we added minimum retouching, but repeated color proofing many times to emphasize characteristics of the breasts as much as possible. In order to carefully express unique breasts that are different in skin color, shape and size, we checked the pages many times. “If we create a really good thing, it should sell well.” Because we were seeking this ideal in our own product, we were allowed to make experiment with every process of production. Calculating backward from the unit production cost we set as a goal, we decided to print 10,000 copies of the notebook.


Promote the product as art, sell out with eroticism

As we established our EC site for the product and shipped it by ourselves, we experienced the basics of the retail business. To promote it as art, we visited shops including ones in museums to make a sales pitch, thus developing sales channels. The first store that saw good sales was a miscellaneous shop directly managed by PARCO Fukuoka. From there, the notebook spread to bookstores under the PARCO umbrella and museum shops. When the media exposure to magazines and TV increased, we were approached by the Breast Exhibition organized by Club King and held in Dictionary Club Sendagaya. We displayed notebooks with hand-shaped holders we created on our own and sold them. Around that time, about one and half years had passed since the launch, achieving total sales of some 5,000 copies. There was a choice to sell the entire inventory as art, but we wanted to do another experimental promotion. We decided to see the reaction in the erotic market. Until then, we had put on hold inquiries from specialty stores in erotic goods and comprehensive discount stores in Akihabara, but we attempted to expand sales mainly through them. We also started wholesaling it. As a result, the 10,000 copies were sold out in two years from the launch. At present, we are reconsidering the plan and sales method to try selling it in the overseas market. “If we create a good thing, it may sell well overseas as well.” With this wish, we continue our challenge.