THE KURUMANIA, specialty souvenir from the Toyota Group, launched without brand development cost

Upon the launch in March 2016, THE KURUMANIA Maple Cookie instantly became a specialty souvenir from the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. This brand was realized by combining different ideas and the enthusiasm of three companies – Toyota Enterprise, Kotobuki Confectionary, and THAT'S ALL RIGHT. The mission of THAT'S ALL RIGHT was to bridge the three parties and to develop the brand.

Toyota Enterprise Inc.

“Want to create a new brand” x “Want to develop new channels”

Toyota Enterprise was exploring a new souvenir brand for the Toyota Group while the Kotobuki Confectionary was wishing to gain new channels for business expansion. As we were constantly involved in business with them, we learned of their desire. In 2015 we connected the two companies, and the parties started to develop a brand, THE KURUMANIA. THAT'S ALL RIGHT was in charge of the cost of product planning, branding strategy, naming, and promotional design. This allowed Toyota Enterprise to develop a new brand without bearing initial cost, enabled Kotobuki Confectionary to distribute the product via nationally and globally spreading sales channels of the Toyota Group, and THAT'S ALL RIGHT, who was searching for a new business in addition to design and branding, was able to gain another pillar of revenue called success sharing. This alliance has brought benefits to all three companies.


Through tie-ups with a variety of companies, develop brands and businesses one after another

THE KURUMANIA with package design of famous cars from previous years of the Toyota Group presents a retro-inspired worldview. THAT'S ALL RIGHT was engaged in this product from the ground up to planning and development, even in the decision making process of flavors. As soon as it was launched, it immediately gained popularity and became a specialty souvenir from the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. It is purchasable not only at stores in the Toyota Group but also via the internal system. Used as a gift to business partners and customers planning to purchase a car, it is growing into a product loved by many people. As a new souvenir brand to follow THE KURUMANIA, “It’s a Frui Tea” is seeing continuous robust sales. It is 100% additive-free dried fruit tea jointly developed with Eikokuya, a long-established black tea store in Kakuozan, Nagoya City. We are now planning and developing with Toyota Enterprise a new brand following THE KURUMANIA and “It’s a Frui Tea.” Through collaboration with various companies and makers, we are taking on the challenge of developing new business models and brands that will be loved for a long time.