As partners in a joint enterprise, we are
committed to achieving your vision

That's All Right has built a strong partnership beyond the relationship between a design company and a client beginning with the design of staff T-shirts to the renewal of the logo, designing personnel evaluation systems, and even launching a new business in hopes of supporting the owner's aspiration to popularize mutton in Japan.


From designing staff T-shirts to creating a successful sales system

The annual consumption of lamb in Japan is only 200 grams per person. Unlike chicken, pork, and beef sold in supermarkets, lamb is sold only to restaurant owners.
The lamb specialty restaurant "Sheep Sunrise" aims to promote the original taste of lamb. The restaurant specializes in rare Japanese mutton, the level of customer service is excellent, and each customer has a fan base. Although it is a high-end restaurant with a sales price of more than 15,000 yen per customer, the employees in T-shirts entertain customers with their simple service. It made it challenging to tackle the restaurant's urgent issue, which was staff training and improving customer service skills and human resource development of the restaurant.
We, That's All Right, proposed an evaluation system designed to improve sales growth.
We created job classifications similar to the growth of sheep, lamb→mutton→hogget, and established the qualifications and tests necessary for promotion.
The treatment of employees changes according to expertise in sheep, customer service skills, and the number of customer nominations. Job titles such as "lamb" and "mutton" on staff T-shirts spark conversation with customers and their desire to support the restaurant.
The effects of the nurturing measures, which even involve regular customers, are directly linked to store sales, with tangible results such as record-high sales achieved just two months after implementation.


A new form of support to achieve the vision

That's All Right has launched a new endeavor with the owner, who is looking to promote domestically produced lamb and revitalize the entire sheep industry.
It is a project to provide consulting services for lamb restaurants, planning events, and developing products and services to promote mutton.
To carry out a wide range of activities beyond the boundaries of the restaurant, That's All Right and the owners have launched a group called "SHEEP FREAKS" in addition to "Sheep Sunrise.” The group has already received inquiries from many areas and is in the process of educating the public about this endeavor through exhibits at events around the country and throughout the media.
To support the activities of "SHEEP FREAKS" from the initial stage of commercialization, That's All Right is participating in this project not as an external partner but as an investor. As a joint business partner, we are working to promote mutton in Japan. That’s All Right will take this new form of support and commit ourselves to achieving our vision.