Supporting growth of our clients through an exclusive contract with one company in each industry

Our partner to the exclusive contract for the confectionary industry is the Kotobuki Spirits Group, a confectionary maker listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, operating 17 companies in Japan and 2 companies overseas. To support it, we at THAT'S ALL RIGHT have created a dedicated team. Sharing in a timely manner with the group fresh information from the management, sales force, planning team, and sales frontline, we work together using the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act). Helping the group from product development for new brands to the creation of POP tools in existing stores, we have established a relationship as its in-house creative agency, to boost growth of the Kotobuki Spirits Group.


“We want to make a new souvenir from Tokyo.” “Let’s do it!”

The Kotobuki Spirits Group is a confectionary maker with over 60 years of history that started with producing confectionaries as souvenirs from Tottori. Later it acquired gift confectionary makers in Japan and created new brands, thus expanding its business. While broadening its presence to various areas in Japan, it has made confectionaries that are rooted in each area. Our relationship with the group started when Kotobuki Spirits Co., Ltd. established Sucrey Co., Ltd. in Tokyo in 2010 that engaged exclusively in planning and sales. The company was referred to us by our client. Based on its corporate manager’s desire to “make a new souvenir from Tokyo,” we, as the partner of Sucrey, implemented total branding covering the product development, naming, logo, packaging, uniforms, and store design. An example of a product that realized our wish to create something that we really would want to buy as consumers is Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. It was the first brand for Sucrey, and the first project in the confectionary industry for THAT'S ALL RIGHT.


Producing at a pace of one new brand per half year

Highly appreciated for its reliably good taste and store design that presents its worldview, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory rapidly increased its presence in stores at airports at home and abroad, department stores, and commercial facilities. This raised expectations for Sucrey, and requests for distributing new brands to stores increased. Sales were so strong that we had to develop new brands while expanding existing brands. Through joint efforts with Sucrey, we developed new brands – at a pace of one every six months – such as MAPLE MANIA, BUTTER BUTLER, GENDY, FRANÇAIS, and CARAMEL GHOST HOUSE. Sales at Sucrey topped ten billion yen in 2018 from 700 million yen when it was founded. We stepped into the frontline of production and sales, transcending the boundaries between inside and outside of the company. As the partner who leads branding with an eye toward growth of the entire company, not limited to individual products, THAT'S ALL RIGHT will continue to launch various brands.