Design from start-up to franchise development

Forming an alliance with Okinawa Flour Milling Co., Ltd., a milling company with a 60-year history, THAT'S ALL RIGHT opened a donut shop, “BALL DONUT PARK (BDP).” Involved in all the branding process from product development and store design to visual identity (VI) and brand identity (BI), we turned a new brand into a full-fledged business. Currently we operate and manage its franchise outlets, while promoting expansion of the business nationwide.


A strong sense of ownership promotes a new project

Founded in 1955, Okinawa Flour Milling produces and sells flour and wheat flour for sata andagi (Okinawan deep-fried sweet buns) and soki soba (Okinawa-style noodles). After steadily establishing its business base in the BtoB area, it was faced with the need to reform its business. THAT'S ALL RIGHT met with the company, when it considered new business strategies and challenges it should take on, through referral by the Kotobuki Spirits Group, a confectionary maker we supported with the branding project of souvenir confectionaries. For about one year, our producer and art director frequently visited Okinawa and held a series of discussions mainly with management personnel on a concept and direction for the new business. We also worked together to coordinate internal systems in the company. These efforts bore fruit as a donut shop, BALL DONUT PARK (BDP). The ingredients for the donuts were improved based on the flour mix, an existing product of Okinawa Flour Milling. The new business, developed by reusing existing products, ignited vigor in the company toward the new challenge. To launch the BDP business, THAT'S ALL RIGHT fulfilled various roles comprehensively, without drawing lines among tasks, including planning and developing products, designing stores and giving directions, deciding on the logo, names, VI and BI for all in-store artwork, selecting a store location and acquiring the property, ensuring hygiene management, proceeding with various applications, recruiting and interviewing part-timer candidates, introducing store managers, and preparing operating manuals.


Connecting a new step for an established company toward the world

In the year following the project launch, the first directly managed store of Okinawa Flour Milling opened in the center of Naha City, followed by the second store in Chatancho in the southern part of Okinawa Island. THAT'S ALL RIGHT assumes headquarters function of the BDP franchise to promote a nationwide expansion. Now BDP is open in the food court in Higashiyama Zoo in Aichi Prefecture, which is proud of the second largest number of visitors in Japan, and in the downtown area in Nagoya City (Osukannon). In the future, we plan to open stores in major cities in Japan such as Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, and Fukuoka, and also set our eyes on global expansion. For BDP to take root as a new soul food of Okinawa, we will steadily expand the new business created by an old BtoB company in Okinawa across the nation and the world.